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Boohoo bomber jacket | Zara denim dress | Chosen by Tuchuzy neck scarf | Christian Paul watch | Vintage Kenzo sunglasses | Vans shoes

Now that the weather is warming up a little, the weekends have become treasured mini-vacations in my area. Lots of beachgoers and picnics and outdoor fun. But that means that Mondays can be extra-tough! My brain doesn’t function very well in the mornings at the best of times, let alone after a splendid weekend of escapism. So I usually like to keep it simple for the first day of the week – minimal colour, throw-on dresses or t-shirts, comfy shoes, and maybe just a touch of flair with a neck scarf (so on-trend right now, yes?). My workspace at the moment is usually freezing though, with the air-con cranked to Arctic Tundra. So I definitely need an all-purpose jacket to see me through the week and this little bomber from is perfect!

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View from The Harbourside Room, MCA | Vivid Sydney 2015

If you’re in Sydney, this long weekend is your last chance to see Vivid. Personally I have only seen this one view of the harbour and the lights on the Opera House, so I can’t actually comment on how good the event is this year overall – but last year was pretty impressive if that means anything. I will be heading down tonight before a weekend getaway! 






All images by me | Street Style at Fashion Weekend Sydney 2015

Where have I been?? What have I been doing??!! Many apologies for the absence, but I’ve been busy freelancing and building up a whole bunch of images to overhaul my entire online presence… Yep, get ready for some digital reno’s. FYI I’m also overhauling my apartment and my wardrobe! Something odd must be happening in my star charts. Or I’m just nuts; either way.

A couple of weeks ago Sydney hosted one of it’s major shopping events: Fashion Weekend. Not only are the stylish ladies of the city able to get their hands on some amazing local designer wares for a bargain, but there is also a catwalk show highlighting everything that showed at MBFWA. It’s a wonderfully inclusive and entertaining event. So this year I spent time snapping some of the super cool attendees as they arrived at Fox Studios*. It appears that black and red accessories are trending, as well as a little leopard (which seems to be a basic colour these days alongside black, white, grey, and denim!).

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Nicole Warne
| mbfwa 2015

It’s always such a pleasure running into Nicole – especially now that she’s so busy and it happens so rarely, it makes the moments I get to see her all that more treasured. A little while before I saw her, I noticed they were removing the giant props from the Alice McCall show. I desperately wanted to shoot someone in front of them, simply because they were so darn cute! Like giant, pastel, candy clouds. But I had to find the right person to shoot with them: totally kawaii and wearing colours complimentary to the props. Enter: Nicole! Navy clothing, cheeky personality, and quirky Louis Vuitton bag… Exactly what I needed. Sometimes, things just come together. And it’s great.

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Dasha Gold of The Trend Spotter | mbfwa Day 2.

Strutting into the weekend. Happy Friday!

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_DNP6666Sequin brows from the Akira Isogawa show | mbfwa 2015

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_DNP7727 2015_MBFWA_ChristineCentenera_@centenera

Christine Centenera before Romance Was Born | mbfwa Day 5 | shot by me for Alice Liddell, and for Street Smith. 

I managed to snap a few shots of the ever-elusive Christine this year, but for some reason I still like the one where you don’t actually know whether it’s her… Must just be used to it now, haha.

Then there was the moment that Tommy Ton ran in and adjusted the cotton thread dangling from her top. At the risk of totally exposing my fashion and street style nerdiness, it was quite amazing – I was all jittery inside.


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Nicole Lucas | mbfwa 2015

My girl Nicole rocks colour like nobody’s business – and I was particularly excited about this ensemble because a) it looks killer, b) because “hello awesome hair day”, and c) she’s wearing a Dypnea top and my pal Jana styled the show!

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This year I decided to make short videos capturing the atmosphere of some of the MBFWA shows. I’m a little obsessed with cutting videos together – there’s something really satisfying about selecting the music and making the footage fit with it perfectly. I do, however, definitely need to upgrade to a camera with higher video resolution. Kickstarter campaign anyone?! Haha. Hope you enjoy though, regardless of the quality!

By the way, Maticevski was easily my favourite show of the week. It was so incredible РI want everything, including the accessories!! I will now live my life carrying orchids in glass balls, cheers Toni. His layering and structure always makes me swoon. The addition of a floral print was a nice, classically feminine touch compared to recent collections as well. Get ready to count how many times you see these pieces at Melbourne Cup later this year!

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Romance Was Born Beauty | mbfwa 2015

It was all clear blue skies at the Art Gallery of NSW for the (always) highly anticipated Romance show – and I managed to capture the same on this models eyes. As usual Luke and Anna put on an incredibly stimulating show, right down to the beauty details. Shout out to my girl Georgia Hull who worked her butt off on these looks (and many others)!

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