Alice Liddell Blog Australia Day Outfit 2Alice Liddell Blog Australia Day Outfit 2

1. Wrangler Jumpsuit from General Pants Co. | Abe & Sara Vintage Sunglasses | Vans Sneakers from General Pants Co. (these ones are clearly well loved) | Fuji Instax Camera from Urban Outfitters | Bondi Sands Gradual Tan Moisturiser with SPF15
2. Country Road Shirt (on sale!) | Stussy Bikini from General Pants Co. | One Teaspoon Shorts from General Pants Co. | Glassons Slides (I recommend you go up a size!)| Witchery Visor (similar here) | Sunday Somewhere Sunglases | Asos Rings and Earrings | Mecca Face Sunscreen | Malin & Goetz Lip Balm | Santa Vittoria Water

So, the long weekend is upon us and it’s once again time to celebrate our sunburnt country*. And when I say sunburnt, I mean the red soil, not your skin!! Don’t bake yourself this Australia Day! Always use sunscreen (there are a couple of options above, but my all-time favourite if you’re in direct sunlight all day is Le Tan Coconut 50+ sunscreen – it is the BEST), wear a hat, seek out shade, and wear clothing that covers your shoulders if you can stand the heat! Something lightweight like the pictured Country Road shirt is a great option.

If you’re not sure what to wear, I hope these little flat lays provide some inspiration – either outfit will work at the beach, at a BBQ, by the pool, on a boat… All your potential Australia Day parties are covered! Have fun and don’t be too silly!


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*I implore you though, DO NOT get so messy that you become a complete A-hole. Australia Day is, in fact, not just about having copious amounts of beer and listening to Triple J’s Hottest 100. People seem to be forgetting the history of the day (the controversy surrounding that can spark many an intelligent debate) and I am becoming increasingly disappointed in our nation year after year watching the shenanigans of the numerous buffoons the day seems to churn out. I’m not saying I’ve never embarrassed myself on Australia Day, but it feels like these days the behaviour of the general public is getting worse. So lets keep it civilised this year, shall we? Great!

G O A L !

I’ve got my eye on 2015

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I’ve never really believed in New Year’s Resolutions – my theory is if you want to change something why wait for a new year? For 2015 though, the new year just happens to coincide with the end of my last chapter, which makes it the perfect time to set new goals! So..

1. Get fit (and lose weight): Last year was an incredibly sedentary year for me, filled to the big-fat-brim with comfort foods while I studied (and lazed around on the couch drinking wine on dates with who turned out to be all kinds of bad for me*). So this year I hope to run the City2Surf, and lose a certain number of kilos that I’m just going to keep to myself… I started by cleaning out all the crap that was in my fridge – it was pretty far gone – and now it’s only got the good stuff in it. And everything is in date now, haha. I’ve also started the Couch to 5km interval training program, and my amazing PT pal Tori Trueman is guiding me with extra training and motivation!

2. Post more often, including more of my personal style: I go through waves of wanting to put outfits on here and not wanting to; much of which comes down to how I’m feeling about my body. I know, I know, get over it, right? But I figure, to keep myself accountable for goal 1, I will not only keep track of my progress on social media but I’ll also back it up with photographs – which will also show off some awesome clothing.

3. Be able to call myself a full-time photographer: Many people will already be aware of the fact that I have had a LOT of different jobs, and I’m currently working across 3 separate fields. By this time next year though I plan on gaining my entire income from photography work. Yay! So posting more often on this blog, as per goal #2, will encourage me to continue working constantly toward that goal. In the past I have made the mistake of taking lengthy breaks between shoots and then wondering why my momentum was stalling and why I wasn’t getting more paid work (ah, the naivety of total and complete denial). I’m admitting here and now that I know that I need to work much harder than ever before to attain this last goal, so now there are no excuses and no hiding away pretending that I don’t know any better!

So there you have it. Twenty-fifteen: HERE WE GO!

Would love to hear what others have planned for this year too!

*Not all bad though – there were certainly times when I could not have gone without him.

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Happy New Year!!!

Back to reality for me now after 10 days away with the family. I hope you’re all as excited about 2015 as I am. Many new endeavours will be embarked upon for me!! I can’t wait.

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Rachel Yabsley Gold Leaf Alice Liddell 4

Rachel Yabsley Gold Leaf Alice Liddell 3

Rachel Yabsley Gold Leaf Alice Liddell 2

Rachel Yabsley Gold Leaf Alice Liddell 1

1. Penny Sage Jumpsuit | Mode Collective heels (worn throughout) | 2. Penny Sage Cami | Natalie Marie Jewellery Fine Bangle | 3. Penny Sage Top | Anna Quan Pants | 4. Lucy McIntosh Bralette | Oskar The Label Shorts

Photographer: Rachel Yablsey
Styling: Rachel Yabsley
Model: Caitlin @ AVA Models
Hair & Make Up: Beatrix Watanabe

‘Tis the season…. To decorate ones hair with shimmering metallics! With New Years looming overhead and 2014 drawing to a close, I find myself wanting to add a little sparkle to everything. This is a little shoot I did about a month or so ago – hope you like it! I had so much fun on this shoot. It had been such a long day shooting for 12 hours and this was the last of the day… I was running on pure adrenalin! Can’t wait to be doing more and more of this for years to come.

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Earrings from Urban Outfitters | Petite Grand Palm Cuff and Bracelet

New Years Eve calls for something a little bit fancier than usual, and the easiest way to update your usual style is with jewellery. Costume jewellery can be perfect for an occasion like New Years. Urban Outfitters has a great selection of really affordable pieces. Personally, I’m also obsessed with the Petite Grand Palm Cuffs – they’re so perfect and just different enough to stand out without being overstated.

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Pot plant and artwork DIY by me | Damselfly Candle | Jewellery Stand from Urban Outfitters

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas! Eat, Drink, and be Merry!


Alice Liddell Christmas Gift Guide

As per usual I’ve left everything until the last minute before Christmas. To be fair, I only finished my photography course yesterday and have been super busy! If anyone out there is like me and you need some ideas here are some beautiful items that make for perfect gifts…

1. Fuji Instamax available at Urban Outfitters
2. Witchery Visor (in store)
3. How to be Parisian – Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline De Maigret, Sophie Mas
4. Maison Balzac La Creme De La Creme hand and body cream
5. Lumira No 352 Candle
6. Lumira Paradisium hand cream
7. Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Longwear Eyeshadow (in store)
8. Initial Bar Necklace
9. An Organised Life Limited Edition Travel Journal

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Romance Was Born Reflected Glory MBFWA 2014 by Rachel YabsleyClaire Knight It's Fingertips DJ by Rachel Yabsley

Images by me.
1. Romance Was Born exhibition at MBFWA 2014; 2. DJ Fingertips


I can’t believe it’s been two years… And may I just say that it’s definitely been quite a ride. After two years, on a personal level I finally feel like I’ve arrived. I may not have posted on this blog as much this year compared with last year, but boy oh boy am I proud of how far I have come this year. Whilst completing the photography course I have been doing, I have simultaneously been going through a rigorous journey of self discovery (read: existential crisis). My apologies for being so flighty, only posting sporadically this year!!

But it will all be for the better, because the things I have been working on lately for school are so very exciting. I’m loving shooting again, and I actually have some faith that I might not suck at it… I have always been my own worst critic, and a defeated perfectionist – a lot of the time I am so beaten down by the fact that I don’t feel that I will be able to achieve perfection that I give up before I even start something. But I have definitely come leaps and bounds towards overcoming that silliness only in the last few weeks!!

Part of the reason I have been able to develop some confidence in my work is due to the amazing, brilliant, talented, kind, heartwarming, supportive people I have had the good fortune of meeting this year. Without having those people to challenge me and then pick me up when those challenges were perhaps piled slightly too high and I fell hard from very great heights, I would not be where I am now: more skilled, more passionate, more self-assured, and more determined than ever before. And for all those who read this silly little page where I inexplicably pour my heart out, you are the reason people like me are able to do what we love. Because you believe even when I do not. Thank you all for the splendour that is you, and for allowing me to see my own reflected glory (hehe) through your smiles!!!

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Video by me.

I made a little video recently featuring General Pants Swim. I must say, the video took me so many hours to edit, but I seriously loved it! It’s the third time I’ve put a video together and each time it gets even more exciting… Hopefully I’ll be able to keep doing more!

1. Aloha singlet (coming soon), Neon Hart Isabel shorts
2. Neon Hart singlet (coming soon)
3. B.BAM Bambina singlet, Evil Twin bikini
4. B.BAM Flocked Frenchie Tee,  Insight Mar-Tini bikini
5. Insight Candy Punch bikini

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 See below for product details… 

I don’t know about you guys, but as the weather heats up I definitely need to up my skincare routine – especially right now after that Halloween weekend!! That face paint can do disgusting things to your pores – not to mention the poison we all consumed… Let’s not talk about that.

Over the years I have had so many skin problems, and have tried many many things in an attempt to fix them up – including taking 4 tablets a day for 6 months at the age of 14 in an attempt to rid my face of horrific acne. It did not work. Nowadays I feel like I finally have things sorted. Of course, everyone has different skin and what works for me may not work for you*, but here is a list of my absolute favourite tried and true skincare products…

Aesop, Aesop, Aesop!!! Best ever. Really. This Parsley Seed range is excellent for me because I have a lot of trouble with tiny whiteheads and clogged enlarged pores (ew, yes. Just being completely honest!). The cleanser is one that you leave on for a few minutes while it mildly exfoliates, which clears out those problematic whiteheads on a daily basis. It also keeps your skin glowing without the use of a harsh exfoliator (never use exfoliators with big granules!!!!! It will only aggravate your skin and if dirt gets into any of those little abrasions be prepared for pimple city). I will admit that I’m pretty inconsistent when it comes to toning… I’m not 100% sold that it makes a huge difference. But on days when it’s been super hot and my skin feels gross it definitely helps to feel refreshed at the very least. Each to their own on this one. Also, once a fortnight I try to make sure to do a face mask. Again, I like the Parsley Seed one from Aesop. But if anyone has any reviews to give me on the SKII ones I’d love to hear!!

I can’t stress enough how important it is to remove makeup at the end of the day! I sometimes get lazy with this and every time I do, I have to deal with the consequences: gross skin and dirty pillows (the literal kind, not the breast kind). My favourite is The Body Shop Camomile remover. It feels INSANELY good – it works, it’s gentle, and it contains oils that leave your skin feeling super soft. Mmmmmm nice.

I guess this step isn’t crucial, but I feel like it’s made a huge difference to my skin. … Anyone else use a serum before their moisturiser? I admit, 18 months ago I had no idea what serums were for, and I’m still not entirely clear with them on the whole. But after Jurlique launched their Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum** last year I started using it and by golly – it was like I had a new face. It smells delish and it’s definitely helping my skin maintain it’s youth (at 25, some of you long-term followers may remember, I had a serious breakdown about ageing and my skin and metabolism DEFINITELY went through a change). The other thing pictured above is a misting spray. Not essential, but I guarantee if you keep some of this in the fridge and spray yourself when you come home from the beach, you will thank me. This Jurlique one is great because it combats redness in the skin, but anything with rose water is good too.

Okay, moisturisers are  a VERY subjective part of skincare. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to texture, and of course everyone reacts differently to various weather (my skin CANNOT take anything heavy on a super hot day – I’d rather go without a moisturiser!). BUT, in saying that, these are my favourites… First of all, Embryolisse – a little French secret that Hannah-Rose introduced me to last year. It’s the Just Right of moisturisers: Not Too Heavy, Not Too Light. And apparently all the French women use it – so that adds a lot of extra appeal, no? Next, I like to use oils as night creams: Bio-Oil or Rose Hip Oil (both of which are available at most chemists). I change it up depending on my mood. The Rose Hip is surprisingly light and smells amazing, while the Bio-Oil helps my skin recover and reduces any scarring (my skin tone became very uneven when I was younger due to acne scarring).

Last but certainly not least: sun protection. For years I went without sun protection because I don’t burn easily… This is a big mistake. Last year I had two moles cut out of my arm because they had become abnormal. Now I use 50+ sunscreen when I’m out in the sun all day!!! I love the Le Tan Coconut 50+ sunscreen (not pictured because my current bottle is so worn out and full of sand it’s super ugly. It’s almost time for a new one). It goes on nicely, smells amazing, and absolutely protects your skin. For my face, I like Mecca’s Hydrating Facial Sunscreen. Now, I will use this instead of Embryolisse when I know I’ll be out in the sun, because it is also a moisturiser. It’s very light, and it’s 30+ – the lowest SPF I would ever recommend. SPF15 ain’t gonna do you any favours. Go high or go home. There’s also a Malin + Goetz lip balm there, which doesn’t actually contain any sun protection, but it feels damn good on your lips so I put it in anyway. There are lots of other balms out there that have an SPF factor and also feel really good, such as any of the Blistex products, which I have been obsessed with since I first tried it when I was eleven – an oldy but a goody.

So! Hopefully one or more of those products ends up being amazing for at least one person out there other than myself, haha!

I also just want to note now that I’ve spelled all of that out, that this post comes completely from me and is actually what I use day to day. For some reason I’ve copped a bit of blogger negativity recently and I want to assure everyone that none of these recommendations come out of any endorsements or requests from brands – it’s just stuff I really really love. Product endorsement and collaborations with bloggers is another entirely humongous post though, so that’s all I will say about it for now!!

*If you have combination, sensitive skin like me though, I recommend you give some of these a go! If they ruin your skin I promise you can yell at me. Once.
**This product is particularly pricey, but the large bottle lasted me a WHOLE YEAR, using it every single day – so it’s worth the investment.

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