HalloweenGIF by Bernhard Willhelm

It’s Halloweeeeeeeeeen tomorrow!! Normally one of my favourite days of the year, I’m unfortunately super unprepared for this year’s shenanigans. I have no costume and very few ideas. Yesterday I was suddenly overcome with the desire to be a Pterodactyl for the spooky day – but… Too hard basket. I’m having a bit of a dilemma. Which is a dilemma in itself because I have no time for dilemmas (which is what led to the dilemma in the first place). I hope everyone else out there is far more organised than I am! Here’s to drawing whiskers on my face with eyeliner and going as a cat…. BORING. At least I know there’s one thing I’ve always got covered: a huge sugar fix! (Though this year it’s all normal Aussie lollies… A great lack of American Candy this year sadly. I want candy corn so badly.)


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GIF by me.

This week is Mental Health Week (official start was Sunday… But we have just had a long weekend here in Sydney and I was chilling out, taking care of my own mind!). I’m not going to harp on about the importance of heightening awareness surrounding mental illness, as I’ve said it all before. It’s definitely a mission of mine to extinguish the stigma that seems to go hand in hand with any kind of mental disorder – education is so crucial.

BUT, you can show your support by choosing to donate to mental health organisations: ABC TV has a great link to donate directly to Mental Health Research Australia. They’re also covering all sorts of topics surrounding mental health all week across their channels; there is some really interesting stuff! Various other charities are out there that you can donate to, including Lifeline, Beyond Blue, and Headspace.

Take care of yourselves, and each other, and think happy thoughts!



Caela, Bondi Beach.

Definitely time for singlets and shorts…. 33 degrees today…. Oh dear!

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THAT SKIRT…. So much love. Need $400 STAT. There were so many things I loved about this show… I especially want all my doorways to be made out of those structures on the runway now.

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Another in the line up of ladylike midi-skirts for this week (honestly.. I didn’t intend to feature so many at once!), worn by the exquisite Natalie Cantell.

Tee: Bec & Bridge
Skirt: Alex Perry
Shoes: Zara (similar here)
Bag: Prada

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Ran into Erin in Bondi Junction the other day, looking relaxed but super cool at the same time. She’s also not wearing a scrap of makeup! What a beauty… Good thing she’s a model :)


Tee: Adidas

Jeans (similar): One Teaspoon

Sneakers: Wittner

Backpack: ASOS


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_DSC0487 _DSC0484 _DSC0500 _DSC0520 _DSC0542 _DSC0589 _DSC0609 _DSC0616 _DSC0622 _DSC0633 _DSC0642 _DSC0653 _DSC0688 _DSC0705

Catalyst – We Are Handsome 2014

My photos of the We Are Handsome show all looked like something a little out of a Peeping Tom’s catalogue this year because of where I was positioned… But I kind of like it. Paddington Reservoir was the most amazing location, and it had been styled to absolute perfection. It was such a shame that the weather was horribly overcame on the day (although it definitely helped for shooting). I miss the coffee cups they had too. But the best bit? This collection is now available! Mmmm Summer vibes.

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Mmmm pastels – is there anything better at the moment? Not really. Zanita wears them so well! Can we also just take a moment to look at her footwear as well? Carrie Bradshaw would be so jelly. Personally, I think this look is the perfect weekend inspiration at the moment.

Sweater: Nanushka
Skirt: Sportmax (similar: ASOS)
Shoes: Sportmax (similar: ASOS, Tibi)
Bag: Emm Kuo (Similar: ASOS)

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mbfwa street style friend in fashion

WOAH. Massive hiatus. I feel like I’ve been apologising for my disappearances all year! But it really has been crazy. My friends and family have forgotten what I look like as I’ve been buried under a rock of schoolwork! Anyway…. I’m learning so much so maybe its all worth it.

With fashion month taking place around the globe, I’m having a look back at what happened on our shores earlier this year. Do you remember it all? I’ll be delivering street style images for inspiration now that Spring is in the air (had my first trip to the beach for the season yesterday!!), and I’ll also be highlighting some of my favourite looks from the shows – all of which are now available to buy or preorder! See, falling back on my work was totally done on purpose. It’s all part of my unconscious yet genius plan.

ABOVE is Jasmin from Friend in Fashion rocking an awesome ensemble. I’m so obsessed with these kinds of skirts right now, my current favourite is this little number from ASOS. Too good.

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Untitled4 Untitled3 Untitled2 Untitled1

A Room Of One’s Own

Photographer: Rachel Yabsley (me!)
Hair & Makeup: Hannah King


O P E N I N G | N I G H T

Tonight is the opening of my photography exhibition, Reverie. If you’re in Sydney, please come along! 6-8pm at 10×8 Gallery: Level 3, Central Park Building, 28 Broadway, Ultimo. Here is a little about the work….


I am a daydreamer. Becoming wistfully consumed in my own thoughts, memories, and imagination is practically essential to my daily life. Most often I reminisce about my childhood years – the times I can remember being completely happy and utterly sure of myself. So, when faced with the theme of Dreams and Visions, the things I loved as a child flooded my mind instantly. However there is more to who I am nowadays. Sometime during those awkward teen years I lost who I was, but the sacrifices I have made and the lessons I have learned throughout my twenties have helped me to find that lost soul again – and she’s more complex and whole than ever before. I am now made up of the best parts of my past: vivid imagination alongside a strong sense of conviction; and these traits remain paired with a childlike hope for the future.

A Room of One’s Own is, quite simply and somewhat inexplicably, my visual representation of the exquisite connection you discover with your childhood once you realize you are finally a grown up.