Mmmm pastels – is there anything better at the moment? Not really. Zanita wears them so well! Can we also just take a moment to look at her footwear as well? Carrie Bradshaw would be so jelly. Personally, I think this look is the perfect weekend inspiration at the moment.

Sweater: Nanushka
Skirt: Sportmax (similar: ASOS)
Shoes: Sportmax (similar: ASOS, Tibi)
Bag: Emm Kuo (Similar: ASOS)

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mbfwa street style friend in fashion

WOAH. Massive hiatus. I feel like I’ve been apologising for my disappearances all year! But it really has been crazy. My friends and family have forgotten what I look like as I’ve been buried under a rock of schoolwork! Anyway…. I’m learning so much so maybe its all worth it.

With fashion month taking place around the globe, I’m having a look back at what happened on our shores earlier this year. Do you remember it all? I’ll be delivering street style images for inspiration now that Spring is in the air (had my first trip to the beach for the season yesterday!!), and I’ll also be highlighting some of my favourite looks from the shows – all of which are now available to buy or preorder! See, falling back on my work was totally done on purpose. It’s all part of my unconscious yet genius plan.

ABOVE is Jasmin from Friend in Fashion rocking an awesome ensemble. I’m so obsessed with these kinds of skirts right now, my current favourite is this little number from ASOS. Too good.

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Untitled4 Untitled3 Untitled2 Untitled1

A Room Of One’s Own

Photographer: Rachel Yabsley (me!)
Hair & Makeup: Hannah King


O P E N I N G | N I G H T

Tonight is the opening of my photography exhibition, Reverie. If you’re in Sydney, please come along! 6-8pm at 10×8 Gallery: Level 3, Central Park Building, 28 Broadway, Ultimo. Here is a little about the work….


I am a daydreamer. Becoming wistfully consumed in my own thoughts, memories, and imagination is practically essential to my daily life. Most often I reminisce about my childhood years – the times I can remember being completely happy and utterly sure of myself. So, when faced with the theme of Dreams and Visions, the things I loved as a child flooded my mind instantly. However there is more to who I am nowadays. Sometime during those awkward teen years I lost who I was, but the sacrifices I have made and the lessons I have learned throughout my twenties have helped me to find that lost soul again – and she’s more complex and whole than ever before. I am now made up of the best parts of my past: vivid imagination alongside a strong sense of conviction; and these traits remain paired with a childlike hope for the future.

A Room of One’s Own is, quite simply and somewhat inexplicably, my visual representation of the exquisite connection you discover with your childhood once you realize you are finally a grown up.



Nine West Tricia BootsGlassons Playsuit | Zara Coat (similar here)

Warmer days are creeping in here in Sydney. I must admit I’m a little torn about it… I love Winter, but with the sun out I’m able to run around in playsuits and seek out all kinds of pastel coloured walls reminiscent of all things Springtime. It also means the arrival of the Spring/Summer collections in stores and I have to admit my eyes were ready for a refresh (and there is definitely some inspiring stuff surfacing). The best items from the new collections at the moment are definitely the trans-seasonal kind. These boots are perrrrfect – they’re so comfy and the cut-out makes them not too Wintery. I also seem to have amassed far too many peep-toe heels, so these pointy points are a welcome change! A little bit witchy: super fun.

Now, want the good news? Nine West are giving one lucky Alice Liddell Blog reader their very own pair of these Tricia boots! The competition is being run via Instagram @aliceliddellblog, and is open until August 20, 2014. Just head to my Instagram, repost the image of the Nine West boots, and tag @aliceliddellblog, @ninewestaus, #ninewestss14 #aliceliddellxninewest. Good luck!!

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jeans for genes day ambassador jeans for genes day ambassadorjeans for genes day ambassador

Nudie High Kai Jeans


Tomorrow, Friday August 1st is Jeans for Genes Day in Australia. When I was little I used to love it purely because it meant we could wear jeans to school – the ultimate 8-year-old equivalent of Casual Friday. But now that I’m older, and (hopefully) wiser, I understand the importance of the research into birth defects and genetic diseases carried out by the charity. HOWEVER even as an adult my favourite thing to wear is a pair of jeans (yes, there is a lot of denim on this blog). And I figure since Jeans for Genes is turning 21 I should don a nice pair of classic, ‘grown-up’ blue denim jeans fit for all occasions. These Nudies are my absolute favourites – the denim is sturdy (and super durable, which is necessary for me as I definitely give my denim a fair beating), the waist is a mid-rise (so no low-rise plumber-bum and no high-rise camel-toe), and the blue is a perfect medium shade with no dirty yellow hues mixed through, and just the right amount of pre-loved wash*.

I’ve mentioned before that I am a nanny when I’m not pretending to be all stylish on the internet, and anything to help out children with various disorders is very close to my heart. But the genetic diseases umbrella covers such a wide variety of illnesses, including Alzheimer’s Disease, that I’m sure most people would find that someone they know and love is affected in some way or another. This one is a really worthy cause – and you get to play around with fashion at the same time. If you’re in Sydney tomorrow there are all kinds of fun things going on at Martin Place in support of Jeans for Genes, and in Melbourne it will be happening at Federation Square. Wear jeans and use the cause as a great excuse to take a long lunch break and DONATE. You can also donate on the website.

*Yes, most raw Nudie styles come unwashed and you need to break them in, but they also have seasonal styles that do not require the 6-month no-wash period.

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Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Range Lavender and Mint Moisturising Shampoo | Angle Diamond Dot bracelet | Petite Grand bracelet

Ok, I have a confession to make…. And it’s not a pretty one, or one that is often mentioned in fashion circles lest you be cast out as a leper. I get dandruff. Yep. Fairly bad sometimes too. I’ve tried so many different things to calm it down and nothing has ever really worked that well – until now. I recently discovered this Lavender and Mint Shampoo from Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree range. A few years ago I had a sample of Aesop Lavender shampoo and it had been the most successful treatment for my long-suffering scalp I had ever found; but then they stopped making it. So when I saw this Lavender treatment (coupled with all-round-skin-saviour tea tree), I definitely decided I needed to give it a try. I’ve almost gone through this whole bottle now and I have seen a DRAMATIC improvement! It’s not 100% cured, of course, but I have definitely seen a difference. I’ve also taken to using a fine-tooth comb to spread my conditioner through my hair, which probably also helps by stimulating my scalp. SO – if you have problematic hair like me (it’s okay… You’re not alone), give this a try and let me know if it works as well for you!

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_DNP8813 _DNP8829 _DNP8913

Bastille Day!!
St James tee | Georgia Alice sleeveless coat | Sportsgirl jeans | Jeffrey Campbell boots | Brady Chapman cuff | Natalie Marie ring |  Shanghai Suzy lipstick

Aujourd’hui, je suis Francaise. Well, at least I am pretending to be. I finally have a second to do a blog post!!!!! It’s unbelievable. It’s been 6 weeks of this term so far at school and I’ve finally (just) caught up. My new apartment is also FINALLY clean, and I’ve packed away almost all of the boxes – just waiting on a bookshelf for my copious amounts of literature*. I have so many projects in mind and so many images all backed up waiting to be edited and posted on here, I just need a little more time out to do it! But I’m getting there.

I seriously hope everyone else is leading a more exciting life than me right now! Apologies for the huge wait between posts… I know I’ve said it a lot lately. At the end of this crazy school year it will all have been worth it!!

*”Literature” might be a bit of a far stretch for some of those novels…

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RUSSH magazine | Atelier Lumira Tuscan Fig candle | Glassons boots | Agate geode

Mid-week relaxation…. Relaxation is so rare these days!! Life is craaaaazy!! These moments are precious…


_MG_8150_600 _MG_8161_600 _MG_8183_600 _MG_8217_600 _MG_8254_600 _MG_8314_600 _MG_8425_600 _MG_8451_600 _MG_8515_600 _MG_8565_600 _MG_8637_600

Photography / Jason Henley
Stylist / Katrina Sheiles @ 2c
Clothing / Roxanne Chan
Hair & Make up / Lei Tai @ Viviens Creative using MAC
Model / Eva Downey @ The Agency
Assistant / Rachel Yabsley

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to assist the talented Jason Henley on a shoot for Pitch Zine. It was such a tight shoot but so much fun! I love the end result! With any luck there will be many more awesome shoots to post on here shortly!

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Aesop Skincare | Georgia Alice Battenberg tee | I Like Wolves navy sports tee from Market HQ | Lomography Diana camera | Malin + Goetz Skincare from Mecca Cosmetica

I already mentioned that I’m good at doing things in a very muddled, scattered, haphazard manner… But things do get done in the end. So while I’m packing everything to move house tomorrow (Eep!) I am tempted to take a break and post about what I packed for NZ. Moisturizers of various kinds, all in miniature form are ESSENTIAL for Winter travel. And of course, a trip to Middle Earth would not have been right without The Hobbit. Last of all…. I cannot WAIT to get the film from my Lomo camera developed!!! I’m so excited. That camera is so unpredictable but I’m hoping after a few years of shooting my images will at least be a little bit cool…. Here’s hoping!


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