Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Range Lavender and Mint Moisturising Shampoo | Angle Diamond Dot bracelet | Petite Grand bracelet

Ok, I have a confession to make…. And it’s not a pretty one, or one that is often mentioned in fashion circles lest you be cast out as a leper. I get dandruff. Yep. Fairly bad sometimes too. I’ve tried so many different things to calm it down and nothing has ever really worked that well – until now. I recently discovered this Lavender and Mint Shampoo from Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree range. A few years ago I had a sample of Aesop Lavender shampoo and it had been the most successful treatment for my long-suffering scalp I had ever found; but then they stopped making it. So when I saw this Lavender treatment (coupled with all-round-skin-saviour tea tree), I definitely decided I needed to give it a try. I’ve almost gone through this whole bottle now and I have seen a DRAMATIC improvement! It’s not 100% cured, of course, but I have definitely seen a difference. I’ve also taken to using a fine-tooth comb to spread my conditioner through my hair, which probably also helps by stimulating my scalp. SO – if you have problematic hair like me (it’s okay… You’re not alone), give this a try and let me know if it works as well for you!

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_DNP8813 _DNP8829 _DNP8913

Bastille Day!!
St James tee | Georgia Alice sleeveless coat | Sportsgirl jeans | Jeffrey Campbell boots | Brady Chapman cuff | Natalie Marie ring |  Shanghai Suzy lipstick

Aujourd’hui, je suis Francaise. Well, at least I am pretending to be. I finally have a second to do a blog post!!!!! It’s unbelievable. It’s been 6 weeks of this term so far at school and I’ve finally (just) caught up. My new apartment is also FINALLY clean, and I’ve packed away almost all of the boxes – just waiting on a bookshelf for my copious amounts of literature*. I have so many projects in mind and so many images all backed up waiting to be edited and posted on here, I just need a little more time out to do it! But I’m getting there.

I seriously hope everyone else is leading a more exciting life than me right now! Apologies for the huge wait between posts… I know I’ve said it a lot lately. At the end of this crazy school year it will all have been worth it!!

*”Literature” might be a bit of a far stretch for some of those novels…

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RUSSH magazine | Atelier Lumira Tuscan Fig candle | Glassons boots | Agate geode

Mid-week relaxation…. Relaxation is so rare these days!! Life is craaaaazy!! These moments are precious…


_MG_8150_600 _MG_8161_600 _MG_8183_600 _MG_8217_600 _MG_8254_600 _MG_8314_600 _MG_8425_600 _MG_8451_600 _MG_8515_600 _MG_8565_600 _MG_8637_600

Photography / Jason Henley
Stylist / Katrina Sheiles @ 2c
Clothing / Roxanne Chan
Hair & Make up / Lei Tai @ Viviens Creative using MAC
Model / Eva Downey @ The Agency
Assistant / Rachel Yabsley

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to assist the talented Jason Henley on a shoot for Pitch Zine. It was such a tight shoot but so much fun! I love the end result! With any luck there will be many more awesome shoots to post on here shortly!

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Aesop Skincare | Georgia Alice Battenberg tee | I Like Wolves navy sports tee from Market HQ | Lomography Diana camera | Malin + Goetz Skincare from Mecca Cosmetica

I already mentioned that I’m good at doing things in a very muddled, scattered, haphazard manner… But things do get done in the end. So while I’m packing everything to move house tomorrow (Eep!) I am tempted to take a break and post about what I packed for NZ. Moisturizers of various kinds, all in miniature form are ESSENTIAL for Winter travel. And of course, a trip to Middle Earth would not have been right without The Hobbit. Last of all…. I cannot WAIT to get the film from my Lomo camera developed!!! I’m so excited. That camera is so unpredictable but I’m hoping after a few years of shooting my images will at least be a little bit cool…. Here’s hoping!


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all black 1 all black 2 all black 3

St Frock coat and top | Sportsgirl jeans and beanie | Topshop boots

It seems my recent trip to NZ has me craving All Black. Thankfully the weather is also allowing me to keep cozy like I was in Queenstown as well! (Only here it’s a little more tolerable). I still have so much to show from NZ, and all my posts are a little bit out of order, but I have always been likened to “Little Miss Scatterbrain”, so I figure it’s all okay!

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Queenstown Botanical Gardens, NZ. 

Just a bit of GIF-play from the trip.

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_DSC0709 _DSC0722 _DSC0726

Zara coat (similar here) | Georgia Alice Battenberg tee | Jude scarf (on sale!) | Sportsgirl jeans | Topshop boots (similar here) | Brady Chapman clutch | Natalie Marie rings

New Zealand… Dream of visual dreams. The last time I was in Queenstown was roughly 20 years ago, and it’s just as glorious as I remember it viewed through my little childhood eyes. As I’ve mentioned previously, I am so in love with cold weather and have missed the snow terribly in recent years. So I was absolutely elated when I flew down into a valley of white-capped mountains, stepped off the plane, and my kneecaps froze over! I can’t describe what an amazing time it was over there so I will just show you an amazingly cozy and beautiful outfit. That scarf is particularly grand in cold weather – 100% Merino Wool (no blend!) and extra luxurious. Mmmmmm. Come on Sydney, time to drop the mercury!

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forest girls So… I haven’t even logged in to my blog since Mothers Day. Oh god…. OOPS!!! It’s been a really hectic couple of months between school, work, having to move house, and… NEW ZEALAND TRIP!! I’m currently in Queenstown for a wedding. It is the most beautiful place on earth… I don’t know if I will actually come back. But since I’ve been here I’ve been shooting like crazy – and some film shots too – and I will do my best to get them all up asap for all to see! To be honest I’m still so so so behind on street style shots and there is still so much from fashion week to post as the collections come out! Wow… Life gets away from you sometimes!!

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_DSC1187 _DSC1211 _DSC1234 _DSC1239 _DSC1173
Feather Dusters | Olive Ladles | Marmelade Spoons | Milk Jugs | Sushi Plate | Washing Up Whisk | Honey Dipper | A Map of the World Book | Maison Balzac L’Eglise Candle | Pot Plant | Maison Balzac Glass DomeSake Cup | Bondi Wash Minis | all available at Girl & Graaf

Of course, everyone is aware that Mother’s Day is on Sunday, but did you know that there exists a store (both online and IRL) that you could go to and find a beautiful gift to suit any kind of Mum? Well now you do. And it’s one of my favourites: Girl and Graaf. I stopped by this week to have another (epically long) chat with Lauren, and to take a peek at what might be on offer for Mother’s Day…. Umm, there is SO MUCH. The store honestly has the most beautiful and eclectic selection of homewares I’ve ever seen. I want to move in there. Unfortunately I’m letting everyone in on this little secret a bit at the last minute because I have been bed-ridden with some sort of disgusting bug for the last two days (too much information?). I really needed my mum!! Anyway, if you’re like me and leave these sorts of things til the last minute, Girl and Graaf is the place to go.

Girl and Graaf
189 Bondi Rd
0431 199 818

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