Over the weekend I enjoyed a little relaxation time to myself (a very rare and joyous moment), and took it as an opportunity to soak up some inspiration in the form of a couple of awesome Aussies. First of course, that ELLE cover of Rebel Wilson is completely amazing, and it is great to finally get an insight into what she’s like off camera (P.S. She’s a boss). The second is a little-known local label called Bondi Laces. I don’t often wear shoes that lace-up, but as it turns out, these babies look really good as bracelets. AND, with their copper-tipped ends, they’re bracelets that won’t fray. I can’t even count how many little woven, tie-up bracelets I’ve had to throw away because they began to fray and look – as my mother told me – ratty.

The extra added bonus with Bondi Laces is that they have a 10 year guarantee (so if, unlike me, you do wear shoelaces often, these ones won’t fall apart on you), and every time you buy a pair, one month’s education is provided to children in need in Ghana, Guatemala, or Laos via Pencils of Promise. For more info go to They also have a kickstarter campaign if you’d like to help their cause! After reading that Rebel Wilson article I’m pretty keen to contribute just to feel more awesome…

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Seed Heritage Jumper | Watson x Watson Shorts | Saint Laurent Shirt | Isabel Marant Sneakers | Ter Et Bantine Skirt (similar at ASOS) | Current Elliot Jeans | Balenciaga Cuff | Vintage Paloma Picasso Sunglasses | Sophie Hulme Bag | And another secret favourite HERE

Happy St Patricks Day!!

I’ve never really been someone who is able to wear green well, so my take on March 17 has always steered towards khaki. And just my luck, khaki is really having a comeback right now!! I’m slightly obsessed and really disappointed that I just got rid of a PERFECT vintage khaki tencel shirt last year. Oops. The items above are a serious wish list for me at the moment. I’m waiting for the day when I can purchase that cuff and bag, but the Watson x Watson shorts are lust item number 1 right now. I actually have acquired the Seed jumper and can vouch for the fact that it is completely awesome. Would love to hear how others embrace St Patty’s?!

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Rethink_thriftandthread rachelyabsley_esber-1 rachelyabsley_esber-2 rachelyabsley_esber-3

Christopher Esber skirt | James Perse tee | Arizona Birkenstocks | Gianni Chiarini tote

I shot my dear friend Lucinda of Thrift and Thread blog recently, so she could wax lyrical about her old favourites – I felt it very appropriate seeing as she is one of my favourites too. And incredibly easy to photograph! Head to her blog to hear what she has to say about maximising her minimal wardrobe, and wearing everything backwards.

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Glassons trench | Bassike tee | Sportsgirl jeans | Oroton heels | Country Road clutch | Petite Grand palm cuff | Sunday Somewhere sunglasses (available at David Jones)

FIRST WEEK OF AUTUMN!! It’s trans-seasonal time! And so, I have dived head-first into layers.* This trench is the perfect start – it’s so light and flawy that it’s not too warm for Australia, and is also incredibly comfortable. I’m just so very excited for cooler weather. I really don’t deal well with Summer at all. One day I will have a house in the northern hemisphere as well and I’ll chase the chill all year round…

Possibly in NYC… I recently took Farfetch’s Style City Quiz and I got New York: “Cool but glossy, down-town cool pieces coupled with seriously good grooming. Favourite designers – Alexander Wang, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Public School, Marc Jacobs, Altuzarra. Style icons – Olivia Palermo, Zoe Kravitz, The Strokes, James Franco.” It’s a fun little quiz, I’ve placed it below!!

*Although I may be just a tad ahead of the weather at this point. Perfect as this trench is for that slightly crisp Autumn weather, today was quite Summery at 28 degrees! I took this off after 8:30am!

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New York


Kiara1 alice-liddell-lion-in-the-wild-collaboration_khoon-hoi_2 alice-liddell-lion-in-the-wild-collaboration_khoon-hoi_3 alice-liddell-lion-in-the-wild-collaboration_khoon-hoi_5 alice-liddell-lion-in-the-wild-collaboration_khoon-hoi_4-2 alice-liddell-lion-in-the-wild-collaboration_khoon-hoi_6
Kiara of Lion In The Wild, shot my me | Khoon Hooi dress | Pearl cuff bracelets | Black heels | Black clutch

Earlier this year I was so happy to finally meet lovely Kiara after having communicated via social media for such a very long time! Seeing as she had to come all the way from Perth for some snaps and coffee it’s no wonder we’ve waited so long. She was so smiley and relaxed, and one of the easiest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to shoot! This Khoon Hooi dress was so amazing on her as well, with that little detail of asymmetrical fabric fluttering beautifully as she walked.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before I get to collaborate with Kiara again!! Such a joy.

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A.L. <3 P.G.

Alice Liddell Blog x Petite Grand | Model: Christina Frickman @ AVA Models | HMUA: Pamela Nolan | Videography & Styling: Rachel Yabsley (me!)


love, Alice.


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Petite Grand x Alice Liddell Petite Grand x Alice LiddellPetite Grand x Alice LiddellPetite Grand x Alice Liddell Petite Grand x Alice Liddell
All images shot by me | Christina wears Finders Keepers playsuit and Petite Grand jewellery | Hair and Makeup by Pam Nolan

That dividing time is upon us again… Valentine’s day. For the most part I’m not a big fan of the holiday (which I’ve explained at length during my past 5 years of blogging – particularly in one post a few years ago when my blog went by a different name), but lately I’ve been leaning towards embracing the ideals of Lesley Knope and celebrating Galentine’s Day. So I figure whether someone else is giving you gifts, or you’re buying for yourself, either way this time of year is a good excuse to invest in some new jewellery. One of my all-time favourites is Petite Grand – Tanja makes pieces that are all delicate, luxurious, and easy to wear everyday. I love them*.

On another note, the images above are a few stills that I shot while indulging in my newest love – shooting short fashion films. I can’t wait to show the full video later this week – it’s been a long time coming.

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*Anyone who has been following this blog or my Instagram for a while will know this. I talk about Petite Grand A LOT.


Alice Liddell Blog Australia Day Outfit 2Alice Liddell Blog Australia Day Outfit 2

1. Wrangler Jumpsuit from General Pants Co. | Abe & Sara Vintage Sunglasses | Vans Sneakers from General Pants Co. (these ones are clearly well loved) | Fuji Instax Camera from Urban Outfitters | Bondi Sands Gradual Tan Moisturiser with SPF15
2. Country Road Shirt (on sale!) | Stussy Bikini from General Pants Co. | One Teaspoon Shorts from General Pants Co. | Glassons Slides (I recommend you go up a size!)| Witchery Visor (similar here) | Sunday Somewhere Sunglases | Asos Rings and Earrings | Mecca Face Sunscreen | Malin & Goetz Lip Balm | Santa Vittoria Water

So, the long weekend is upon us and it’s once again time to celebrate our sunburnt country*. And when I say sunburnt, I mean the red soil, not your skin!! Don’t bake yourself this Australia Day! Always use sunscreen (there are a couple of options above, but my all-time favourite if you’re in direct sunlight all day is Le Tan Coconut 50+ sunscreen – it is the BEST), wear a hat, seek out shade, and wear clothing that covers your shoulders if you can stand the heat! Something lightweight like the pictured Country Road shirt is a great option.

If you’re not sure what to wear, I hope these little flat lays provide some inspiration – either outfit will work at the beach, at a BBQ, by the pool, on a boat… All your potential Australia Day parties are covered! Have fun and don’t be too silly!


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*I implore you though, DO NOT get so messy that you become a complete A-hole. Australia Day is, in fact, not just about having copious amounts of beer and listening to Triple J’s Hottest 100. People seem to be forgetting the history of the day (the controversy surrounding that can spark many an intelligent debate) and I am becoming increasingly disappointed in our nation year after year watching the shenanigans of the numerous buffoons the day seems to churn out. I’m not saying I’ve never embarrassed myself on Australia Day, but it feels like these days the behaviour of the general public is getting worse. So lets keep it civilised this year, shall we? Great!

G O A L !

I’ve got my eye on 2015

tumblr_myfgneRwzp1spthlko1_1280 tumblr_n3ybb5Swuw1ql1yzio1_1280 tumblr_n7bcwpWqUp1ss35e4o1_1280 tumblr_ngxnjtj5nk1u3tn5to1_500 tumblr_nh8wxcIQwh1twuvzho1_1280 tumblr_nhaiucutaw1sofz21o1_1280 tumblr_nhpp6jxIVc1tlx0ddo1_500

All images via

I’ve never really believed in New Year’s Resolutions – my theory is if you want to change something why wait for a new year? For 2015 though, the new year just happens to coincide with the end of my last chapter, which makes it the perfect time to set new goals! So..

1. Get fit (and lose weight): Last year was an incredibly sedentary year for me, filled to the big-fat-brim with comfort foods while I studied (and lazed around on the couch drinking wine on dates with who turned out to be all kinds of bad for me*). So this year I hope to run the City2Surf, and lose a certain number of kilos that I’m just going to keep to myself… I started by cleaning out all the crap that was in my fridge – it was pretty far gone – and now it’s only got the good stuff in it. And everything is in date now, haha. I’ve also started the Couch to 5km interval training program, and my amazing PT pal Tori Trueman is guiding me with extra training and motivation!

2. Post more often, including more of my personal style: I go through waves of wanting to put outfits on here and not wanting to; much of which comes down to how I’m feeling about my body. I know, I know, get over it, right? But I figure, to keep myself accountable for goal 1, I will not only keep track of my progress on social media but I’ll also back it up with photographs – which will also show off some awesome clothing.

3. Be able to call myself a full-time photographer: Many people will already be aware of the fact that I have had a LOT of different jobs, and I’m currently working across 3 separate fields. By this time next year though I plan on gaining my entire income from photography work. Yay! So posting more often on this blog, as per goal #2, will encourage me to continue working constantly toward that goal. In the past I have made the mistake of taking lengthy breaks between shoots and then wondering why my momentum was stalling and why I wasn’t getting more paid work (ah, the naivety of total and complete denial). I’m admitting here and now that I know that I need to work much harder than ever before to attain this last goal, so now there are no excuses and no hiding away pretending that I don’t know any better!

So there you have it. Twenty-fifteen: HERE WE GO!

Would love to hear what others have planned for this year too!

*Not all bad though – there were certainly times when I could not have gone without him.

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Happy New Year!!!

Back to reality for me now after 10 days away with the family. I hope you’re all as excited about 2015 as I am. Many new endeavours will be embarked upon for me!! I can’t wait.

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