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ASOS tee | Whistles jeans | Wittner shoes | Sportsgirl beanie similar from ASOS | Zara bag

So… big few weeks for me! Particularly this past weekend – with the start of my ABSOLUTE favourite season, and all the blissful cold weather and rain. I’m so happy – yay, jeans*!!! While my housemates and friends fall into slumps of misery all around me, I cannot help but grin from ear-to-ear over the newfound chill Sydney is delivering. This weekend also delivered smiles in the form of Mardi Gras. Despite the fact that I was working and missed out, the event is something quite close to my heart. As a frequently-self-admitted hopeless romantic, the current fight for equal marriage rights is something I really, truly believe in. Without getting in to a rant, love is love – end of story. I hope we can all be so happy as to find someone that makes our lives and ability to improve ourselves infinitely better; and no one should be denied that.

Generally though, life is also delivering smiles in the form of school (I’m studying photography!) – which is also partially why I have been absent from the blog world (oops). Today though I was able to take a small break to meet up with Andrea from Leather and Lattes and we took a few cheeky snaps in the rain. May I just point out it is incredibly difficult to be glamourous when water droplets are being blown into your eyeballs. Then again, after my conversation today, I have realised I’m definitely not that glamourous. I casually dubbed myself as the anti-fashion fashion blogger. What, with all my talk of comfort and flats and baby-friendly outfits… haha. Practicality is chic, right?…

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*And doonas, and hot apple cider, and leather, and coats, and beanies that hide your very unwashed hair… And this t-shirt (even though it is not really a Winter item)!