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jeans for genes day ambassador jeans for genes day ambassadorjeans for genes day ambassador

Nudie High Kai Jeans


Tomorrow, Friday August 1st is Jeans for Genes Day in Australia. When I was little I used to love it purely because it meant we could wear jeans to school – the ultimate 8-year-old equivalent of Casual Friday. But now that I’m older, and (hopefully) wiser, I understand the importance of the research into birth defects and genetic diseases carried out by the charity. HOWEVER even as an adult my favourite thing to wear is a pair of jeans (yes, there is a lot of denim on this blog). And I figure since Jeans for Genes is turning 21 I should don a nice pair of classic, ‘grown-up’ blue denim jeans fit for all occasions. These Nudies are my absolute favourites – the denim is sturdy (and super durable, which is necessary for me as I definitely give my denim a fair beating), the waist is a mid-rise (so no low-rise plumber-bum and no high-rise camel-toe), and the blue is a perfect medium shade with no dirty yellow hues mixed through, and just the right amount of pre-loved wash*.

I’ve mentioned before that I am a nanny when I’m not pretending to be all stylish on the internet, and anything to help out children with various disorders is very close to my heart. But the genetic diseases umbrella covers such a wide variety of illnesses, including Alzheimer’s Disease, that I’m sure most people would find that someone they know and love is affected in some way or another. This one is a really worthy cause – and you get to play around with fashion at the same time. If you’re in Sydney tomorrow there are all kinds of fun things going on at Martin Place in support of Jeans for Genes, and in Melbourne it will be happening at Federation Square. Wear jeans and use the cause as a great excuse to take a long lunch break and DONATE. You can also donate on the website.

*Yes, most raw Nudie styles come unwashed and you need to break them in, but they also have seasonal styles that do not require the 6-month no-wash period.

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