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Boohoo bomber jacket | Zara denim dress | Chosen by Tuchuzy neck scarf | Christian Paul watch | Vintage Kenzo sunglasses | Vans shoes

Now that the weather is warming up a little, the weekends have become treasured mini-vacations in my area. Lots of beachgoers and picnics and outdoor fun. But that means that Mondays can be extra-tough! My brain doesn’t function very well in the mornings at the best of times, let alone after a splendid weekend of escapism. So I usually like to keep it simple for the first day of the week – minimal colour, throw-on dresses or t-shirts, comfy shoes, and maybe just a touch of flair with a neck scarf (so on-trend right now, yes?). My workspace at the moment is usually freezing though, with the air-con cranked to Arctic Tundra. So I definitely need an all-purpose jacket to see me through the week and this little bomber from is perfect!

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